Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tina Fey

I'm creating a little blog to log the funniest, best, truly original sketches from SNL for my own personal enjoyment. The season opener had lots of strong material, a host that won an award named after Mark Twain, and some intriguing debuts.

New "featured players" include Beck Bennett, the guy from those deadpan AT&T commercials, Kyle Mooney who steals an entire episode of Parks & Rec in just 2 minutes as the guy applying for Tom Haverford's job, Mike O'Brien who has a funny webseries where he interviews comedy stars in a closet, and overpoweringly cute Noel Wells, who has a host of hilarious youtube videos, including an uncanny Zooey Deschanel impression

Opening monologue has lots of charm and endering self-deprecation.

Spot-on parody pinpoints everything irksome about the sharkjump in progress, Girls.

Okay, airplane humor might be a little conventional, but solid jokes.

Very funny work from Tina, Lorne. "Pixie" Noel Wells is unbearably cute.

One of my goals is not to select recurring sketches (cuz who needed those last 12 "What's up with that?" sketches?) but this one is so dark and weird that it doesn't get completely overdone. Funny stuff.

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